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Seminar on Lyophilization & Ultra freeze drying by ACG Value links and Telstar.
On 8th July 2010 ACG Value links set up its first ever workshop seminar since in incorporation as a company on 1st June 2010. The one day seminar on " Optimization of Lyophilization Cycle & The Art of Ultra Freeze Drying" was conducted by internationally acclaimed expert Mr. Miquel Galan (Telstar Spain) at Scitech Center. 20 participants from various company across India participate in the seminar.

During the session, Mr.Galan shared his thoughts with case studies on,

  • Predicting the real variables in a Lyophilization cycle(Product/Temperature/Sublimation Mass Flow)

  • Application of Containment

  • Processes most suitable in Sterilization

  • The presentation by Mr. Galan first explained various concepts in the Lyophilization process before moving towards specific case studies. The highlight of the show was the presentation tagged "Horror show" which gave examples of failed Lyophilization processes and product disintegration.

    Indian Pharma Companies are still new to the concept of Lyophilization This event has was held to help the Indian Pharma market to leverage newer process technologies/techniques,in the field of Lyophilization thereby Improving Process Knowledge & Enhancing Product Quality. The seminar was great success as participants gained immense knowledge from Mr. Galan's vast experience.

    It seemed that the seminar had just scraped the surface on the subject and more was yet to be learnt The need for second seminar was felt by the participants for better and deepened understanding on the subject. As India progressively moves towards the field of Bio Sciences, the future towards Lyophilization seems a most logical step. ACG Value links is proud that it took this first step in field mostly new to the Indian continent.

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