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Pharmaceutical Sourcing – Working with Indian Partners
A seminar on “Pharmaceutical Sourcing – Working with Indian Partners” was organised by OPPI at Scitech Center Mumbai on the 6th August 2010.

India is rapidly becoming a global hub for clinical research, with some of the world leaders setting up their base, either directly or through collaboration. This seminar threw light upon the India's strong role in the emerging pharmaceutical industry.

The seminar had reputed speakers like Dr Bomi Gagrat – Executive Director- Tech operation, Pfizer, Mr .Vineet Luhariwala – COO Convenance, IPCA, Dr.Sudhir Nambiar – VP Pharmceutical Development, AstraZeneca, Dr.Saravankumar Dhakshinamoorthy – Principal & HOD, Aurigene Discovery Technology Ltd, Dr.Goutam Das – Chif Operating officer, Syngene, Dr.Balu Balasubramanian and Mr. Rohit Anand – MD, Value Research Services.

The seminar covered various topics like Pharma outsourcing where India's strong R&D role was discussed, Biosimilars
- Challenges and Opportunities, Paradigm shift in Indian Service sector etc.

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