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Quick Facts:
   ACG Lukaps today is a leading manufacturer of two piece hard capsules in Central Europe and an important supplier for famous pharmaceutical companies. The mission of the company is continuous care of our business partners.
Hard capsules to fill liquids, pastes and can be band-sealed
Enhanced bioavailability and improved product stability
FLOFIT is the recent introduction to the range of hard gelatin & cellulose capsules by ACPL. The high-tech automation ensures the capsules to be consistent in quality & untouched by hands, from start to finish. These capsules are tamper-proof, taste-masked and with improved patient compliance.
  • Unique product to give you a marketing advantage.
  • Enhanced bioavailability and improved product stability (vis--vis soft gel capsules)
  • Production can be supervised in-house, unlike soft gelatin capsules
  • Various colors in capsules and bands available to give a distinct identity to your brand.
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