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Quick Facts:
   ACG Lukaps today is a leading manufacturer of two piece hard capsules in Central Europe and an important supplier for famous pharmaceutical companies. The mission of the company is continuous care of our business partners.
Hard capsules for 'double-blind' studies
Two-piece gelatin capsules that are specially designed for clinical trials
Clinicaps from ACG Lukaps are two-piece gelatin capsules that are specially designed to carry out 'double blind' studies during the clinical trials.
These capsules are unique. After closure (locking), the elongated cap closes tightly on the body, keeping only the dome of the body visible, thus making it difficult to open a 'once-locked' capsule.
  • To over encapsulate tablet dosage form, capsule dosage form & to mask the placebo in appropriate form.
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Guard against experiment bias
  • Ensure integrity of the blind
  • Non-conventional locking mechanism
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