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Quick Facts:
   ACG Lukaps today is a leading manufacturer of two piece hard capsules in Central Europe and an important supplier for famous pharmaceutical companies. The mission of the company is continuous care of our business partners.
Hard gelatin capsules in ten sizes from size '000 to 5'. Get the dose of medicine, hygienically
Hard capsules in cellulose (HPMC) Ideal for moisture sensitive formulations because of its low moisture content
Hard capsules to fill liquids, pastes and can be band-sealed Enhanced bioavailability and improved product stability (vis--vis softgel capsules)
Hard capsules with circular oriented '2 color' printing Helps retain brand identity & security right upto the end user
Hard capsules for 'double-blind' studies Two-piece gelatin capsules that are specially designed for clinical trials
Hard capsules with elegant pearl finish, Unique cosmetic look capsules with a shining finish
Marine Capsules
Hard Capsules made from fish gelatin Made from non-ruminant material, hence do not pose the risk of BSE or TSE
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