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   ACG Lukaps today is a leading manufacturer of two piece hard capsules in Central Europe and an important supplier for famous pharmaceutical companies. The mission of the company is continuous care of our business partners.
An assemblage of companies is formed under the brand name of ACG Worldwide. With the decentralization of operations, the individual companies can give due, undivided attention to their respective line of products. The parent company being ACG Worldwide, the companies formed are ACG Associated Capsules, ACG Pam Pac, ACG Pam, ACG ACG Pharma Technologies, ACG Phrmapack, ACG Inspection, ACG Value Links & ACG Lukaps. They carry out their functions independently in alignment with the group policies. It's an integrated effort towards broadening the sphere of activities in the pharmaceutical industry. A group on nine companies, ACG Worldwide has followed a proper plan to reach its desired destination.
"ACG Worldwide as a group offers complete one-to-one and end-to-end solid dosage delivery solutions ranging from hard gelatin capsules to pharma machinery to packaging films".
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