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   ACG Lukaps today is a leading manufacturer of two piece hard capsules in Central Europe and an important supplier for famous pharmaceutical companies. The mission of the company is continuous care of our business partners.
Gelatin Capsules
Marinecaps is manufactured from Fish gelatin which is Kosher certified. Since, Marine Caps Fish gelatin is made from non-ruminant material...
ACG Lukaps is a leading manufacturer of two-piece hard capsules in Central Europe and a major supplier for leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe including Russia.

It is a part of ACG Worldwide, a group that offers end-to-end solutions in Solid Dosage System. ACG Lukaps along with, Associated Capsules Private Limited (ACPL), Asia's largest and the world's second largest manufacturer of high quality largest manufacturers of two-piece empty hard capsules, is amongst the largest producers of two-piece hard capsules, gelatin as well as cellulose, in the world today.
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